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Import and Export Companies

2MAK Friends Trading Plc A.G.T Private Limited Company
Tel: +(251)-114-169803 Tel: +(251)-114-340991
A.H.F. International Import-Export Plc A.K.T Business Group Plc
Tel: +(251)-115-504186 Tel: +(251)-115-519545
Aas International Abdella M. Gen. Trade Import & Export
Tel: +(251)-116-623939 Tel: +(251)-113-717297
Abdella Shifa General Importer Abdurahman U. Abdi Gen. Import Export
Tel: +(251)-115-523001 Tel: +(251)-115-520829
Adam Import Export Adam Tiru Import Export
Tel: +(251)-115-546609 Tel: +(251)-116-639626
Addem Bedani Oda Import Export Adhanet Dirar General Import
Tel: +(251)-111-222550 Tel: +(251)-112-770989
Agmas General Trading Ahmed Mohammed Import & Export
Tel: +(251)-111-113085 Tel: +(251)-115-547263
Ahmed Nuredin A. Gen. Import & Export Ajamu Import Export
Tel: +(251)-111-566536 Tel: +(251)-111-110388
Alene Mamo Import Export Ali Mohammed Import & Export
Tel: +(251)-116-451051 Tel: +(251)-112-777850
Ali S.A. Al-Hawal Import & Export Al-Impex Import-Export
Tel: +(251)-116-185426 Tel: +(251)-116-634400
Al-Jeberti Trading Gen. Import & Export Alltech Enterprise Plc
Tel: +(251)-115-151235 Tel: +(251)-114-671529
Al-Nur Import & Export Ind. Group Alti General Trading House
Tel: +(251)-114-195843 Tel: +(251)-115-509390
Aman Import & Export Enterprise Amare Afwork Import-Export
Tel: +(251)-113-713401 Tel: +(251)-111-112806
Aminat Nuru Mohammed Import Export Anabe International Trading Plc
Tel: +(251)-112-782026 Tel: +(251)-112-130145
Apteryx Import & Export Arhib Import Export
Tel: +(251)-111-559200 Tel: +(251)-113-717297
Asefa Berhe Gen. Import & Export Atakilt G/Awaley General Trading Plc
Tel: +(251)-115-514583 Tel: +(251)-112-781020

Baft Plastic & Gen. Import & Export Bahar Pharmaceutical Products Importer
Tel: +(251)-114-423589 Tel: +(251)-115-157545
Bahru Awol Import/Export Bajiba Import Export Plc
Tel: +(251)-112-132513 Tel: +(251)-114-391544
Basefa Trading Plc Beruk Worku General Import Export
Tel: +(251)-114-393300 Tel: +(251)-115-538899
Besam International Plc Bezawit Asmelash Import Export
Tel: +(251)-112-753430 Tel: +(251)-114-422706
Bilamen (Ethiopia) General Trading Biruk W/Yohan. Gen. Import & Export
Tel: +(251)-116-639106 Tel: +(251)-115-511479
Biselex Ethiopia Plc Busser General Trading
Tel: +(251)-116-628600 Tel: +(251)-112-788420
Cabey Plc Camels Trading Enterprise Plc
Tel: +(251)-114-671696 Tel: +(251)-112-754881
Dama Trading Plc Debebe Import and Export Plc
Tel: +(251)-113-716876 Tel: +(251)-112-781406
Des General Trading Plc Dolina Import Export Plc
Tel: +(251)-111-116022 Tel: +(251)-115-517790
Dyna Trade Trading Plc EB General Trading Plc
Tel: +(251)-114-673522 Tel: +(251)-115-533726
Eldasol Trading Plc Ethio Gulf Trading & Travel Agency
Tel: +(251)-111-570480 Tel: +(251)-112-784078
Ethio Import Export Plc General Chemicals and Trading Plc
Tel: +(251)-115-513291 Tel: +(251)-115-510287
Hab General Trading Plc Hadeed Trading Plc
Tel: +(251)-115-509397 Tel: +(251)-111-116287
Hadra Engineering & Gen. Import Export H.A.G.T General Business Plc
Tel: +(251)-112-789201 Tel: +(251)-116-637966
Hibu Hanan Trading Plc Horeenus International Plc
Tel: +(251)-111-112620 Tel: +(251)-112-783345
Hundaol Trading Enterprise Plc Interplanet Plc
Tel: +(251)-116-557322 Tel: +(251)-116-626952

Kafco Plc Kahwobar Plc
Tel: +(251)-111-565250 Tel: +(251)-112-787703
Kalme Plc Kibsol Plc
Tel: +(251)-115-531380 Tel: +(251)-116-620251
Leden General Trading & Natural Mines Lemat Share Company
Tel: +(251)-112-595355 Tel: +(251)-116-471358
LYDETCO Plc Mag International Plc
Tel: +(251)-114-660267 Tel: +(251)-116-464994
Mohan International Plc Myseru General Trading Plc
Tel: +(251)-116-620329 Tel: +(251)-112-778393
Naos Import National Motors Corporation Plc
Tel: +(251)-111-557686 Tel: +(251)-115-510499
Neral Import and Export Nu Trading Plc
Tel: +(251)-115-517454 Tel: +(251)-115-159586
Nuredin Hassen General Importer Omedad Plc
Tel: +(251)-114-197721 Tel: +(251)-114-655279
Orchid Int'l General Importer Perf International Trading Plc
Tel: +(251)-115-546325 Tel: +(251)-116-477866
Petram Company Prime Enterprise
Tel: +(251)-115-504030 Tel: +(251)-115-528030
Pro Trade Int'l Import and Export Punt General Trading Plc
Tel: +(251)-114-162944 Tel: +(251)-111-570745
Rahma Trading Plc Ramabco Pvt.Ltd.Co
Tel: +(251)-111-572140 Tel: +(251)-113-716950
Ramada Trading Plc Robin International Trading Co. Ltd.
Tel: +(251)-112-770066 Tel: +(251)-115-153190

Saleh Ahmed B. & Brothers Import Export Samuel Deressa Pharmaceuticals Importer
Tel: +(251)-112-751816 Tel: +(251)-115-150989
Sassoun Enterprises Plc Segel General Trading Plc
Tel: +(251)-115-525882 Tel: +(251)-111-571660
Seid Yassin Private Limited Company Selam Tewolde Import and Export
Tel: +(251)-115-522246 Tel: +(251)-114-160749
Semachew Kebede Import & Export Setit Humera Trading Enterprise
Tel: +(251)-114-390911 Tel: +(251)-115-505557
Shag Import Export Enterprise Shalom Shelemay Plc
Tel: +(251)-115-537877 Tel: +(251)-111-564486
Shamla Pvt Ltd Company Sheba Trading Plc
Tel: +(251)-115-519918 Tel: +(251)-115-544313
Shihem Import Export & Comm. Agent Siemens Pvt. Ltd
Tel: +(251)-112-753880 Tel: +(251)-116-639922
Sky Vision Ethiopia Plc Sonia Enterprise Plc
Tel: +(251)-116-185212 Tel: +(251)-116-615604
Swegem General Import & Export Tad Trading Plc
Tel: +(251)-115-514729 Tel: +(251)-116-633029
Tamrat Beyene General Trading Plc Tefeseha Plc
Tel: +(251)-115-156182 Tel: +(251)-111-557755
Tekron General Trading Plc Tewodros Yeshiwas G. Import & Export
Tel: +(251)-114-169824 Tel: +(251)-116-457015
Tomoca Coffee Plc Tsega Asamere & His Family Plc
Tel: +(251)-111-112498 Tel: +(251)-115-509747
Veparco Plc Wag Import-Export Enterprise
Tel: +(251)-111-551056 Tel: +(251)-114-666036
Winta International Trading Plc Wonberta General Import & Export
Tel: +(251)-115-526982 Tel: +(251)-116-631381
Worknesh Gessise Gen. Import Export Worku Giday General Import Export
Tel: +(251)-111-112991 Tel: +(251)-116-636150
Y.B.M Multi Trade Plc Yetatework Tesfaye General Importer
Tel: +(251)-115-545964 Tel: +(251)-116-263215
Yohannes & Family Import-Export Yohannes Afework Import Export
Tel: +(251)-113-201947 Tel: +(251)-116-624906
Zebed General Import & Export Plc Zenash Asefa Import-Export
Tel: +(251)-114-404128 Tel: +(251)-111-557580
Zikri Private Limited Company
Tel: +(251)-112-789012

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